FBA Distribution

We operate 24/7 all year round, with the fastest process time of 2 hours.

Second line bonded warehouse at Liege Airport, self-run Customs clearance team, accepting tax deferrals, independent Customs inspection team, self-run trucking fleet, Easysent accounts for multiple countries for different channels.

B2C Parcels Distribution

We operate 24/7 all year round, with the fastest process time of 2 hours.

Real time Customs data update, self-run warehouse facilities, self-run trucking fleet, permanent transport rotations in major EU airport, strategic partners in many EU countries.

Sea, Rail & Road Transportation

Full services in major Western European ports, FCL bonded warehousing, Regime 42 or standard clearance in various countries.

Overseas Warehousing

Currently, over 150,000 m2 are available for storage across major European countries, of which more than 80% is bonded warehouse space, providing Customs bond, storage solutions, distributions and other services for mainly Chinese enterprises.

Global Express

Easysent was selected by its express service partner in France as their partner of choice, offering most advantageous import & export global express services with France as the heart of our network.

Local European Logistics

With our comprehensive local European logistics resources, our strategically located bonded warehouses, a wide variety of trucks in our fleet, and last-mile distribution channels throughout Europe, our company can provide all level logistics solutions in Europe to all customers. 

Integrated Logistics Services

European Customs Clearance  Project Logistics Solutions

Tailored Logistics Solutions    Freight Forwarding    Truck Distribution Solutions

Customer Service

Our European team is composed of professional logistics experts fluent in Mandarin, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, etc. Provides the most professional and efficient service quality to all our customers. With multi-party connections with customers, service providers and local Customs, Easysent can cover all aspect of customer business requirements such as consultancy, enquiry, returns, claims.

  • 300


    Daily airfreight handling capacity (tons)

  • 150000

    Storage space (m2)

  • 200

    Permanent personnels

Daily airfreight handling capacity (tons)  


Daily handling of registered postal mail


Daily container handling capacity (units)




Daily UPS parcels delivered for FBA


Semi-trailer trucks


Daily DHL parcels delivered for B2C≈16,000
Our Advantages

Our in-house advantages

  • Customs clearance service
  • Distribution Network
  • Trucking Fleet
  • Self-ran Handling Operations
  • Bonded Warehouse


  • Storage
  • Clearance
  • Team
  • Channel


  • Intelligent Logistics Information Management System
  • Flow Line Automation
Business International

E-Logistics Global Solutions

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